I was g-chatting with my bestie on my birthday last week and she asked if I felt old?
{she's the same age}

Old? No, not old. I hope to not even be halfway "there" but grown up, YES!

birthday dinner

Sure I would like to know then what I know now, who wouldn't? Talking to my younger self I'd say focus more on your girlfriends and leave the boycrazy to some other crazy, bury your nose further in a book and try to extend your innocence a little longer, be more content and present in the now and focus less on what the future "should" be.

But we can't do that and I don't live with regrets.
{let's be honest I could've turned out a lot worse}

And grown up is everything and nothing like I thought it would be.
Age doesn't define this feeling it's more circumstance but I'll be honest it feels good.

For me being grown up means responsibility and accountability and follow through and making good choices. I love my life, my husband, our daughter, sweet Drake, our tiny house, Friday night pizza parties and watching Dateline, waking up at the same time each day whether it's Tuesday or Saturday, working hard (but not too hard) and I love a good hug.

I had a great birthday weekend and Matilda is a great reminder how to not be so grown up all the time.

chocolate milk samples