Memorial Day 2015

Phil and I woke up snippy Saturday morning. 
{Something we didn't realize when moving to Colorado is there are more days with sunshine than not. So when the sun isn't out we all get a little cranky...that's what I'm blaming it on at least.}
For most of the past 2-3 weeks it's been raining, cold and dark and Saturday was no different. We had a list a mile long to get done (haircut, Target, go by old house, walk Drake) all before noon. 

Feeling suspicious of the dentist yet appreciative of her new toothbrush.
We dropped Phil off at his haircut and Matilda and I walked to get coffee and a snack. I needed to take a few deep breaths and stop blaming the weather to realize we didn't have to get it ALL done before noon and it would be a-ok if we even let some of them wait until tomorrow {GASP!}.

Which is when I looked across the table at this little face. She was so proud to be sitting in her OWN chair and for the rest of the hour we counted the puppies that passed by.
And now we're back on track.
Not worried about the to-do list.
Counting puppies.

Since moving in to our new home there have been new challenges. With the constant rain came the need to clean gutters and make sure everything was flowing correctly. So Phil got on the roof and unclogged some barriers. Matilda loved watching it drain down. She would run to me and point at Daddy, he would walk along the gutter and when he got close to the run-off she would go over to see the water come down. 

After we had all the fun we could handle with the gutters we cleaned ourselves up and headed to brunch at a jazz club, Dazzle, downtown. It was awesome! Matilda LOVED the music and we loved the bottomless bar. The food was really great too, if you've never been I highly recommend it!

After the inevitable nap we all needed after dancing and eating all morning we woke up full of giggles!

 And the sun finally came out!

We all enjoyed the long weekend, especially Drake!