Friday's Confessional

I've expressed my adoration for seasons such as Fall.
Love the awakening of Spring.
There's something incredibly romantic about Winter and hunkering down with the ones you love.
Oh, yeah Summer.

That is until nights like last night happen.

Between taking turns bitching about work and Drake's indecisive inside/outside game communicated through whines...that's fun.
Our little house was in a bit of a funk.
I demanded a walk.
The rejuvenation of fresh air and blood flow.

And we walked.
And we walked.
Not the short one.
We needed it.

We talked about how it's ok if the shit is coming from the outside as long as the inside (our family) is working the way it's supposed to.
We talked about how it's almost the freakin' weekend! We love the freakin' weekend.
Our talks let us vent and derail right off those negative tracks and steer us back in the right direction. The direction of mercy, patience and happiness.

I'm so thankful for that beautiful summer night and the walk and the talk and remembering where we need to focus.

Happy Friday!