one extra day

Adding one little day to a weekend makes it so much longer, like a whole day longer. That one day makes all the difference in the world! Who do I need to talk to about 3 day weekends and 4 day workweeks?

Last weekend was a long glorious weekend and when Monday rolled around with all it's snow we were so glad to stay put in bed.

Matilda is in an interesting phase of wavering between independence and dependence, like I said it's interesting. While Phil and I are learning to deal with said phase and how to be there just enough but not too much. We're all dancing with two left feet over here. From what I hear it'll be like this for like the next 20 or so years, great.

She's walking and we're trying to prevent the fall.
She's talking and we're trying to interpret the words.
She has an opinion and we're trying to convince her ours is the right one.


With our extra day we took Matilda and Drake out to play in the snow. Growing up Phil and I didn't get to experience it and boy did we miss out. Snow clothes are adorable, I mean teeny tiny boots! Eating the snow was a big hit but there were some lows. Mittens are confusing for a toddler. She wanted them off so she could grab the snow so I finally took them off because they had snow frozen to them which I thought was just making her hands colder. Then I noticed her hands were freezing, I now know that's what frozen mittens does to hands, so we had to call off the snow-capades 2015 and Matilda was PISSED.

Drake, on the other hand, loved every second and couldn't figure out what the fuss was all about.

This weekend we're expecting more snow and we're cooking gumbo, I guess since we can't be in the dirty south for Mardi Gras we're bringing the dirty to us!