Winning the lottery

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, 2 years.

Phil is incredibly romantic.
I love and appreciate it all especially the thoughtfulness.

We spent a couple of precious hours by ourselves hand-in-hand viewing the Chihuly exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens. It is beautiful. If you're in the Denver area it is a must see.
{It was sold out last night so buy tickets early}

He told me about looking through his photos on his phone and how quickly a year goes by especially in pictures. Certain ones stick out.

Going to the beer festival with friends the night before the night before our wedding.
Europe on our honeymoon.
Birthdays with our families.
The first picture he took of me when I was an hour and a half pregnant.
{not really but kind of}
Moving at 9 months pregnant.

We talked about how this was good year. They won't all be this good. Reflection is important and good.

Of course that led to winning the lottery.
It is our five year plan enabling retirement before 40 and purchasing already picked out vacation homes.

So Phil proposed,
If we never win the lottery of money, can we just win the lottery of life? With no bad years and all good. With our health, our happiness and love? 

I hope so. I pick that lottery over the money one. Just for the record.