The first fall

A phone call I've been anticipating.

Courtney: Hey babe!
Phil: Hey, Courtney. 
{when pet names aren't used in our house something is wrong}
Courtney: What's wrong.
Phil: Matilda fell.

I felt it in my veins.
It hurt worse than I thought it would.
{as all you seasoned parents roll your eyes}

The second we hung up the phone I ran out of my office and raced home like a crazy person.
I needed to hold her and see it with my own eyes.

Was there blood?
Would she forever have a scar?
I would demand answers!

Except when I got home she was fine.
Happy, even.

What hurt the most wasn't the fall at all it was the fact that I wasn't there to catch her. Our child care is wonderful and I am so happy with it but it's times like these that make me want to turn in my notice and stay home to protect her from all future falls. That is not realistic and part of being a good parent is letting them fall every once in a while.

Matilda learning to walk is going to hurt every now and then. Though she'll have the scabs it's Phil and my heart that'll break a little with each fall.