Friday's Confessional

You know the lump in your throat when you're about to cry?
I've got the lump today.
My trick is trying to swallow it which helps hold the tears off until you're ready to let them flow.

Someone I think is pretty awesome was dealt a shitty card. She has her health and a husband who loves her so I'm not talking life-threatening stuff I'm talking petty work stuff. But it hurts to be disrespected and not valued. And I'm pissed.

Going to work everyday is not always a picnic. Sure I like what I do and it's not torture but there are days I'd like to be with my daughter or on a walk with my dog or when it's raining and cold I would rather stay in bed. So when you sacrifice the important things for professional things and you're not appreciated for that commitment it's a slap in the face. And, I'm not down for that.

I have a crazy busy event next week but instead of busting mine over the weekend I'm going to focus on the important things and not come in to work. I'm planning on drinking a little wine in the sunshine, going for a run in preparation for Mother's Day 5k (more on that later) and getting lost in laughter with Phil and Til and Drake, of course.