Phil as a father

Phil as a father can be best summed up by "The Ladybug Song and Dance".

A little history.
Phil grew up with a brother.
He has two nephews, one of which was the first baby he'd ever held.
And he aspires to be one of the workers at the Vatican who "shhhhhs" people, he appreciates a more quiet environment. 

When we found out we were having a girl it felt more right than anything. Phil assumed the role of father with intention and precision. Everything had to be perfect for our little girl.
Perfectly clean.
Perfectly tidy.
Eeeer perfectly imperfect as babies can sometimes be.

As Matilda started to get a personality it was clear that she may look a lot like Phil but that girl is Courtney through and through. Our house is full of high pitch screams, dance parties, running around and spinning in circles.
{followed by falling down}

9+ hours in an airport...not happy!

Phil took to all of it. I love making up songs with quirky dances, Matilda LOVES it too.
Phil just came up with a new household favorite, a little something like this...
And simultaneous waving arms in different directions.
 Well there you have it, "The Ladybug Song and Dance".
Instant classic.

Phil is such a precious father.
Since we were stuck in an airport for an insane amount of time on Father's Day Phil is getting a redo this weekend.
So, Happy Father's Day!!