New York State of Mind

Me too, Billy.

I wish our reason for the trip were different, my grandmother's passing - I get choked up writing it.
We took the red eye on Friday and I was so focused on  getting to my parents that I looked up on our way to check-in and saw this. He stacked, strapped and grabbed two carry-ons, a diaper bag, the car seat, a pack-n-play, car seat and our suitcase. I couldn't even remember gettint out of the car and Phil had everything together. He said, just carry Matilda. Thank Heavens for that sweet man.

Her health had been failing for the past decade and we all knew this was coming. We had prepared in many ways yet getting the phone call Friday morning and hearing those words from my mom still felt like a punch in the gut and the tears fell.

We mourned the loss of my grandmother but we also celebrated the beautiful life she lived in New York City. My grandfather wanted to move to Australia, Denver and Florida (which they did for a short time until Emily said, take me back to New York) and to all she said no. There is something special about that city and my grandmother couldn't live without it.

Our fairy God Mother, Mia, and BaBa - the founders of girlsclub

Spending time with family is the most therapeutic for me. I love telling stories and hearing new ones. Our family is pretty small, in numbers and stature but mighty in heart, so it's pretty easy for all of us to get together. Our sweet Uncle Zach came up from DC which was a treat!

My grandmother loved to be outside and in the spirit of remembering Em we spent a lot of time outside, not to mention the weather was incredible for July in NYC. From long walks across The Park to patio sessions of stories on stories on stories.

a little wine, a little salad

Carousel ride with Grandpa
watching with BaBa
I'm so thankful for this special time with my family and the sweet memories of my grandmother that will help me heal.

a nap in Central Park
First time at Katz's Deli on the 25th Anniversary of When Harry Met Sally

I've been listening to Judy Garland all day. It reminds me of my grandmother at the piano belting a tune. What a beautiful spirit.

This is how I'll remember her.
With a vivacious smile.
So full of life.
Always ready for a good party.
I was lucky to call her mine.

Amelia Steiner Rowes, you are the best!